Law as a Career
  • Law has become one of the prominent choices of the student fraternity after 12th standard and graduation. Following Career options are available with Law as a degree.

    1. Corporate Lawyers : Handling contracts, agreements and other legal matters.
    2. Criminal Lawyers : Prosecution,Clients, handling criminal cases relating to IPC, CrPC, Prevention of Corruption Act, Atrocities Act, POCSO etc.
    3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) lawyers : Handling Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, Patents etc.
    4. Bank Lawyers : Loan Papers, Loan Defaults, Foreclosures, Loan Restructuring etc.
    5. Judge : First Class Judicial Magistrate : For this State Public Service Commission Exam is mandatory (e.g. MPSC in Maharashtra).
    6. Civil Lawyers : Handing matters of Defamation, Marriage-Divorce, Family Laws etc.
    7. Professor : LLB followed up by LLM - you can be a star Educator. Teaching opportunities are available on Online as well as Offline Platforms.
    8. Companies & Corporates : Corporates are looking out for double graduates who have technical knowledge of the job as well as the Legal dimension of the job.

  • The Subject of Specialisation in Law is to be chosen in the final semesters of Law Degree.
  • The Lawyers are one of the highest paid jobs in the country and gradually the glamour around the Law profession is increasing by each passing day.